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Sexual and Asexual Reproduction Bundle

Google Slides activities, Google Forms Quiz and Doodle Notes for Sexual and Asexual Reproduction! This bundle is zero prep and maximum engagement. Custom clipart brings this topic to life for your students and improves understanding.

Each license is for single classroom use by the original purchaser only - if you would like to share this resource with your colleagues, please purchase additional licenses.
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The Digital INB activities are perfect for independent learning and virtual teaching. Students will learn about sexual and asexual reproduction, comparing the two and consider advantages and disadvantages of each. Activities include an article and questions about Lonesome George, a sexual reproduction storyboard, structured asexual reproduction research tasks, drag and drop comparison table and more!
Once students have completed the DINB, the Doodle Notes are a perfect review activity, for homework or as test prep. Plus, a self-grading Google Forms Quiz lets you easily assess student progress.
All answers are included, along with handy teacher guides so you know how to use these activities in your classroom.
>>> Check out the previews to see more details!
My Sexual and Asexual Reproduction Bundle includes:
  • Student Google Slides Activities: 18 slides of engaging activities including: a sexual reproduction storyboard, explaining offspring variation, a YouTube video about flowering plant reproduction* and ordering stages of this, an article & questions on Lonesome George, research tasks for asexual reproduction methods (links provided) and a comparison table for sexual and asexual reproduction, plus more!
  • Answers: animated for going through with the whole class, or you can set them on Google Classroom for students to check and correct their own work
  • Google Forms Quiz: a self-grading 11 point quiz to let you easily check student progress, including an image to support some of the questions
  • Doodle Notes: 3 pages of engaging Doodle Notes, perfect for reviewing content – there are 8 versions, including scaffolded and color versions, plus a completed example
  • Teacher guidance: how to assign and use each resource
Content covered:
  • Sexual reproduction – cells involved, the process, advantages and disadvantages
  • Asexual reproduction – types covered: binary fission, fragmentation, budding, parthenogenesis, vegetative propagation – advantages and disadvantages
  • Comparison of asexual and sexual reproduction
(Students should already know that meiosis produces genetically unique gametes – if you need to cover this, check out my Meiosis DINB activities here).
Please note: You will need a Google Classroom set up for your students and each student will need their own device and an internet connection to access the Google Slides. Most clipart and questions are secured and cannot be edited/moved. Any moveable pieces of clipart must not be extracted. The Google Slide answers can be edited. *The video is hosted on YouTube – please check that YouTube is enabled by your school/district before completing your purchase. There is a link to a National Geographic article in the DINB that students can read to help them answer the question to “what is the benefit of being able to reproduce sexually AND asexually?” – please check this link is not restricted by your district.

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