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Tracey W. S.

I was in a panic about what to do for my genetics and heredity unit. I never taught biology before and it has been 30 years since I had a course. The hard part is trying to learn the biology, figure out how to bring it down where my students can understand and find resources to support the content. This helped alleviate the issue about resources and how to present to my students. This took off a huge amount of stress! Thank you so much.

B is for Biology

My students loved the format of this note taking. As an AP bio teacher it is awesome to find doodle notes that are suited to this course.

Megan P.

I was scrambling to find doodle notes for my heredity unit and this was PERFECT. It broke everything down perfectly for how I like to teach this lesson. So glad I found these notes.

Jamie L.

I love Emmatheteachie’s digital INB’s. The graphics are fantastic and easily understandable. I was able to easily adjust it to the needs of my classes.

Heather M.

This resource was extremely helpful with helping my students understand a challenging topic. When they later completed a unit project, almost every single student was using this as a reference to help them with the assessment! Thank you!

Karen L.

I wish I found this creator at the beginning of this year but I am glad I found her now. The material is excellent, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing (kids notice every detail) The unit I used had the work differentiated for various levels which was a lifesaver as my classes are ENL and are a combination of beginners who just got here to students who are proficient and get bored if they have to wait. I especially appreciate that the answers were typed text as opposed to an image as that made translating for the beginners a million times easier and faster. I am not one to leave reviews but I was so pleased that I felt I had to. Thank you so much.

Sandra D.

Guys. This. Is. Awesome. Really. Colorful and meaningful and engaging. 

I loved it!

Savannah A.

I really enjoyed this resource, especially where my students got to make their own pedigree charts. We had lots of “AHA!” moments in this portion!

Elizabeth K.

These lessons are the BEST!!! I want more! Thank you.

Amanda D.

I really love all of her doodle notes and slide deck bundles. They’re TEK aligned, creative, engaging and I love being able to assign the slide decks digitally and easily. It eliminates time in the copy room, eliminates paper waste, easier to grade, and is more engaging for my students.